Oh humans!
What have you done?
Blinded by greed
In the mad rush of consumerism,
You forgot realism.

You may have heard, but did you care to listen?
Chewed on life, satiating your hunger,
To please your senses, or appease them
For every bite of the crunching meat
That went down your food pipe,
But did not wipe out your conscious

And then, You blame.
You blame the Chinese
You blame the world
You blame the government

Corona is just one
Pandemics, fires, revolts, leaking waters,
These are wars of the future
No guns, no runs,
No arms, no ammunition
Real men, fighting real enemies

Man against man
Man against nature
Living upto one’s stature

Oh, humans!
What have we done?
And more importantly,
How far have we really come
How far are we going to go
Will we stoop so low!

The choice is ours,
Are we ready for yet another SARS?
The apocalypse has come thus far.

From here we take the reigns
A dent in the universe, will we create?
Or together we will fight,
Marching towards a better tomorrow,
With all our might!