India or Bharat is not a country, but an emotion, the very land that I call ‘home’ is a potpourri of traditions, cultures, many languages, rich history, and varied landscapes.

It is not a surprise therefore that one may visit India and still overlook its bountiful offerings and every exploratory venture in this exotic land unfold teeming characteristics, previously unknown. Every land has a story to tell, and India has more than one.

My blogs about India are an attempt to unearth the mysteries of the sites, landscapes, culture and heritage that stands testimony to years of folklore, history and an experience that evades the senses.

 But when the physical appearance evades the scrutiny of our senses and enters the sanctuary of our hearts, then it can forget itself. I know, from my childhood’s experience, how devotion is beauty itself, in its inner aspect. 
Rabindranath Tagore, The Home and the World (1916)

For one who ‘lands’ in India may visit ‘one land’, and in ‘one land’, he may find many…

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