Cobbled streets, abundant ice cream parlors, picturesque parks, baroque- architecture cathedrals, quirky street corners, chirpy city centers. These are just a few characteristics to describe a typical city in Europe. Or is it really so? I think not.

Mauerpark, Berlin

No matter the conjecture, umpteen memes, postcard pics of your favorite European cities (oh yeah ‘the proposal’ next to Eiffel, or posing with the canals in Amsterdam, or even the Italian favorites; read Leaning tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum! – yes, you know the ones, I’m guilty as charged too) I truly believe one has to soak in the culture, understand its people, experience the vibes to be truly able to encapsulate the very essence of each city/country.

Literature and cinema has been replete with references, stories, anecdotes and the picture perfect backdrop sets from the esoteric lands of these 44 countries that make up what we know was the present day ‘Europe’, quite a few of which also happen to be favorite holiday destinations, without a doubt!

So lets take you further and closer to some of the destinations that I have made a touch-down on. Here’s my take on the modern-day version of some of these cities:

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