Had a bad/messed up day in office? Kill the boss, anyone? Friends acting funny? Or simply thinking hard why it all happened in the first place? Fret not! Seems like we’ve all been through the ‘been-there-suffered-that’ syndrome…which is what, as an after-thought, makes the experience all the more cherishable. Think about it!

Imagine a scenario where you wake up in the morning, with a sizzling hot cuppa tea by your bedside, an amazing view of the valley/beach/snow-capped mountains (picture any that suits your liking best, could choose all..we are allowed to be greedy!! 😉 ), no deadlines, no 9-9, no phone calls, no messed-up days, friends/family/outings… just the perfect life you’ve ever wanted!! Now, FLASHBACK.

What you just imagined is nothing but a picture of all your dreams, your desires, wants etc encapsulated in one day. If, hypothetically speaking (obviously!), I were to do this every single day of my life, mathematically, all the 365 days of the year, would I still want all of this that bad? Would I still like the aforementioned things that I believe myself to like, so much? Above all, would I even like these in the first place? Probably not. And now, a few seconds later, when I replay the same picture in my head again, (just a second time by the way!), it seems like a not-so-interesting day afterall. Welcome to the anomalies of existence! Bad-hair day, treacherous boss, bitchy colleague, friend-turned-foe, eavesdropper aunt, the 1.5 hour deadline, a minute late for the early-morning meeting, and the list goes on….

If we pictured it all together- the good, the bad, the ugly, the good comes by only after a bad, and the good is good because we have gone past the bad, ugly’s just a degree below the bad…Only to realize that there’s nothing good, bad or ugly, but the relativity of things that make it so. So its only a couple of hours before the bad-hair day becomes good, the boss becomes your best pal, the bitchy colleague buries herself in the middle of a deep hole and dies (ha ha ha wishful thinking! :D), the friend-turned-foe turns friend again, the 1.5 hour deadline turns out to be a ticket to the 1.5 minute upturn of events ,what we in professional terms call ‘promotion’, and the minute becomes a second to fame! Essentially, life wouldn’t have been so beautiful had it not been for these anomalies. In the end, (by the way there’s never really an end, we are all flowing towards doomsday.. heck yeah, lets party!! you guys really give into any crap that I write; kidding !!), it all makes perfect sense.

So take a deep breath, be patient, smile and let things happen! And before i sign-off, this blog maybe a small thing in the larger scheme of things, but it happened by chance(gives me happiness abound), as did this article, all that was needed was a little push, a perspective, a word or two of appreciation, a little bit of insight and some wonderful suggestions by you that encouraged me to pen my thoughts beyond the ‘conventional’ travel. So find your release and remember to thank each day as it comes. For this universe is working in tandem with your goals, your aspirations, your life. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
Have a anomalitic day!