Birthdays are special. The feeling that consumes you at the strike of the clock, as celebratory wishes start pouring in is unabated. This time more so for me, with friends arriving with a cake and jingles all the way into my room. The sweet, ‘cherish’able hostel life.

It was special, not just because it was my birthday (obviously of course it ought to be) but more so because it reinforced the power of human spirit to elevate anyone from the dungeon. It is this element of surprise that keeps us going and one obviously has expectations at some level on the day. You don’t want anything to go wrong.

As you drown yourself in the pleasantary exchanges, for the first time you feel like you own the day instead of the reverse, which invariably happens on other days. Maybe that’s why the charm, the last standing hope, the elated you – springing around like a new born child.

Birthdays remind you of your goals, your ageing self, and to quite an extent are a revelation and reflection on how far you’ve come!! Isn’t it surprising how just yesterday we had learnt to be socially adept, say our thankyous, chuckled at the thought of a partner for newspaper dance, swayed to musical chairs, and here now today grabbing people by the arm and calling them for a party replete with pictures, drinks and food. These used to be the last thing that figured on my list when I was a kid. The success of a party was commensurate with the games we played, the fits of laughter we reveled in, the fun we had!

As we age, we may define and redefine the ways we celebrate, yet the undertone remains the same – live, love, laugh and make merry. For all we know, we are tourists and strangers on this planet, united by commonality of space and time – yet our time is limited. So make hay while the sun shines. For “Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances, and never have regrets. Because at one point everything you did, was exactly what you wanted.” Happy tidings! Make the most of December 🙂