A loud sound and a clash of drums
Melodious tunes that all hum,
Telling a tale of time slipping like sand
Performing artists – The Army Display Band.

Singing Hymns of the forgotten land.
With the orchestral suite of brass, piper, drums and guitar
Robbing the night sky of its dazzle of the stars!

A grief antidote serenade
Composed by the lonesome lover for his maid.
Mac-n-Mac with the xylophone rung,
A mesmerizing chord it struck.

The men on horseback came with much luck
To match their steps with beat of the drums.
A spell bounding synchronization of the 61 Cavalry.
A sheer display of their might and bravery.

From medley to a kisan dedicated fusion
To a tribute to Sam Bahadur,
All set the chord for the perfect sur!
Marathi and Hindi songs with the saxophone galore,
Yeh Dil sure shouted for more.

The incandescent lights with the visual effects
A perfect picture the eyes could reflect.
The fireworks illuminating the sky, Alas!
Reminiscences of a night high class.