Hola friends, amigos, freundes, amis! Wishing you all a stupendous and stellar 2020! So, this is my first blog post of 2020, which I had intended to complete in 2019 (you get the cue – poof there goes my new year goals #newyearoldme)!

With so much happening in the world news (and of course, in our very own bharat-land), 2020 has had anything but a cheerful start as far as state of human affairs is concerned. Climate change ravaging homes, wildlife (and countless hearts with it), in Australia, the US-Iran conflict (innocent lives going down with it, in the Ukrainian airliner shoot down), the J&K clampdown, JNU conflict- the list seems endless.

The atmosphere is gloomy outside, but on a personal note it is a thrilling time for me. A gleaming contrast! With a countdown of just 2 months to my wedding, and a heap of preparations that are going into it (my parents are out running errands as I write this post), my excitement levels are sky-

Ever wondered what the fuss is all about? Fret not, me neither until tada (drumrolls), it’s time for my own. As much as I wanted the wedding to be a low-key affair, I have realized ‘its simply not possible’. Period. From the never-ending list of wedding guests, the careful selection of photographer and make-up artist, the mehndi wala, the décor, music arrangements, jewellery and trousseau, and all the accompanying jing-bangs – IT IS A FULL TIME PROJECT. And the earlier one starts prepping up for it, the better.

Here goes my list of realizations in the run-up to my wedding and what’s in store! Some of these, may well, hold good for life. After all, weddings are an important milestone in one’s life graph!

1.) Death by detail
Most of us may detest it, but details are important. Every inch of my look for D-Day, in fact for all the functions, has been played out and deliberated. All thanks to my dear mom! December holidays have been utilized in exploring all the sectors in the tricity (Chandiland, Pkula, Mohali), for the choicest jewellery, make-up artists and trousseau! And all this, alongside the biting cold, which has not at all been generous. But believe you me, the fun also lies in the details! I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of exploring,
evaluating, re-evaluating my choices and finalizing stuff. I can actually double up as an intelligence agent for anyone looking for wedding picks –
jewellery/make-up artists/trousseau in the Tricity by the end of this process. I charge commission guys! 😉

2.) Bring your best ‘foot’ forward
Footwear is extremely important as one must feel comfortable in them, at all times. I have ensured to invest in comfortable juttis for my functions and have thereby carefully picked up two pairs of Patiala juttis from an exhibition at Hyatt, Chandigarh, my mom took me to. My D-Day golden heels have been picked up from Venus Steps, Delhi, and I’m in awe of them! I also vouch for Clarks for regular footwear as they are pure leather and very comfy – your feet will thank you.

3.) Shake a leg
Not a fan of hiring choreography groups, I have been curating my list of songs on ‘Spotify’. If someone were to take a sneak-peak into it, the most out-there playlist they would find on mine would be the one titled ‘shaadi’ (no surprises for guessing!). The excitement is so high that I have also created a group on whatsapp titled ‘Shaadi show-stoppers’ with my close set
of girl gang, never-mind the fact that I’m the sole entity who is most excited on that group. 😛

4.) Feeling good is more important than looking good
Cannot over-emphasize on being fit and eating right. Not to say that I have been off-junk or that I have always eaten healthy, but now I’m more conscious of my dietary choices. And I detest those guys who think it’s about dieting, it is Not – It’s a CONSCIOUS decision to eat right, every single day, and yes, the struggle is real. Not that I don’t have my share of cheat days! My family still jokes around about me having a muffin instead (there goes a story long back to my college days in Gargi, when I was hooked to the outdoor Nescafe escapade on college campus and I used to indulge in their muffins! :P) Skin care is vital. Hardly the kinds who would go the extra mile for skincare, but I have realized how important it is. I have started a daily regime with my kit of Kama products and I’m on a mission!

5.) All about that bass!
Heard the popular song?
Because you know I’m all about that bass, no treble.
Yeah, its pretty clear, I ain’t no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do….
I see the magazines working that Photoshop
We know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop
If you got beauty beauty just raise ‘em up
‘Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top
I know I have spewed the entire lyrics, almost. BUT Just remember that. 😉

Scrounging past lanes of Chandni-Chowk in Delhi

6.) All that glitters is NOT gold
Jewellery selection can be tough and this segment, has definitely taken up most time, a close second would be zeroing in on the make-up artist (more on that to follow). Before I had embarked on my bridal journey, little did I know that there is a huge industry waiting at my doorstep. While wedbook, wedmegoodand pinterest have been my go-to apps, I’m amazed at the demand for these services, which explains the monies they are making. The concept of a jewellery artist was never heard of, nor was make-up artist/choreography groups/wedding filmers such a big deal while we were growing up, but right now there is a jungle of them, and you are spoilt for choice! Hence, relevant to understand that with the plethora of choices, bling may be appealing but still is not gold.

7.) SMILE, not just for the camera!
Throughout this process, still ongoing, I have also had my share of fun. While mum and I went outdoors with agenda for the day spelled out, my dad ensured that everything was in order when we got back in the evenings. Evening snacks and drinks by dad, alongside a movie of the day, were a sweet promise, before bedtime and a day spent outdoors. Not to forget, our interspersed gym sessions, lunging and skipping away to Lambergini in the backdrop. I know for a fact, when I look back, years later, these times we spend together as a family, will bring a big smile to my face.

8.) Cut out the EXTRAAAA
Don’t over-indulge. Afterall, life is all about balance. Understand that every wedding is different, and every person out there, does it in their own way and there is no right or wrong way of doing it! For instance, my fiancé and I have decided to ditch the pre-wedding shoot, a personal choice derived again from, who we are as individuals. Similarly, someone may not want cinematography, or candids (I personally am a sucker for both) –remember, it’s all about one’s choice. This also holds true in my selection of the make-up artist, never mind that we ended up finalizing someone at a budget higher than what we had accounted for. I had scheduled trial by 3 make-up artists and a meet-up with one (besides paying for her coffee at a café chosen by her, that too when she ended up later than the time scheduled by
her). And believe you me, these are our social media ‘influenzaaaa’.

9.) Live and let live
Despite all the planning, the brouhaha, and madness, there still might be a few uncle-aunties out there, who would lament about ‘aah! Baaki sab toh theek hai,khaane mein gajar ka halwa nahi tha!’ I write this while we are yet to finalize the cuisine. While I genuinely hope our choice of daal-roti-sabzi appeals to all, I will not fret over it.
SIDE- NOTE: All those hoping for gajar ka halwa, I will let you know my wedding cuisine menu in advance, you may choose to attend accordingly.

10.) Own it
You’ve got the look, you’ve got everything ready, your wedding day is almost there – own it, flaunt it and let the party begin! I can’t wait to meet my close relatives, and friends who will actually make it all worthwhile. If you’re one of those on my wedding invitation list, know that you are important, and I look forward to having you by my side on my special day.

I hope you got some useful deets from this sum-up. As an eventful start to 2020, don’t forgot to leave your mark and go bring the world down! One of my many new year resolutions – I promise to be more regular in this space this year. Its show-time folks, signing off until my next post.