Its no surprise that the world has moved to a completely different dimension over the last few decades or so, both literally and metaphorically.

While physicists, spiritualists and educationists of the world have tried to demystify this for us, giving solace in explanations like the string theory outlining 10 dimensions (9 spatial and 1 temporal), or even movies like the Interstellar doing their bit. Yet we are mystified by the existence of the universe beyond the understanding of the three certain spatial dimensions and one of time!

Let us put this in context with respect to the extremely popular subject of ‘travel’ which has inundated our living, breathing spaces right from every round table discussion these days to social media posts, or Instagram feeds for that matter, the platform is literally living off this subject to get in the big bucks (not that I’m not party to it!).

The idea of travel, or simply getting away from the familiar to unknown surroundings, is stemmed in this human need to go beyond the existential, routine, mundane. To escape, to discover, to be. What explains this?

The question is as perplexing as it may sound, and something that I’m still seeking answers to. Would you attribute this human behavior to the ‘fourth dimension’?

Possibly. One that extends beyond the spatial self, or idea of the self attached to a certain profession, or existence in time!

For some, it may be as simple and uncomplicated as living a parallel life in a completely different surrounding, with a camera following oneself documenting the A-Z of the travel itinerary through social media posts. For them, the fourth dimension would probably spell a virtual world, where they ought to leave a digital footprint or go live!

Yet for others, a holiday may simply feel like a taste of freedom, no identities stamped, absorbing new experiences like a sponge.

Others may well experience it right when they close their eyes, within the confines of their own mind.

As the famous song by Coldplay goes:
When she was just a girl she expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of
Para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise

The intricacies are complex. But the fundamentals remain the same – the human need to get away, get lost, explore, seek, imagine. Yet we confine this association to travel alone to stay afloat.

If we care to look deeper, we realize that the possibilities are endless.

We experience a rather new dimension, when we challenge the status quo. Ask questions. Think outside the box. Reinvent ourselves.

We are privy to it when we push our limits and step outside the comfort zone.

We experience the fourth dimension, when we sit still and meditate. Seek answers within.

We are in it when we contemplate and think. Be productive in different ways, day after day. Serve others. Offer help. Be more kind. Open our hearts and let the sunshine in.

We do it when we open ourselves to new experiences and people alike – long lost friends or known enemies, right at our doorstep.

We also experience it when we care to understand, listen instead of hear, observe instead of see.

We are right there neck deep when we care to stop, look and readjust the lens.

So which dimension are you living in? And what is your escape?

If you have any thoughts on this subject, do leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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