Adventure doesn’t need a timeline, nor does routine! For everything else, there’s a plan. The anachronistic adventurer is the one who seeks, finds, discovers and explores. A decade or so of travel, shifting places, witnessing beautiful landscapes courtesy dad’s field postings, and staying put in between, I don’t boast of a very happening life now that I’m a part of the ‘cult’ working class in a high-flying brand of a company called Deloitte (yes, I am showing off!:P). This way of life is rather new to me, (almost 2 years vis-a-vis 20 plus years of conditioning; hardly stands competition) whereby you are working like mad-men, clocking 40-50 hours of labor and finally calling it a day…or well, should I say night..on a Friday, with whatever little of yourself left. Downtown, anyone? Well, I am not complaining, there is afterall no life without struggle.

While the on-going meanderings of the daily chores renders us helpless, often at times, wondering what we are doing with our lives, it is only when you have passed that stage that you realize the significance of it all. It is often good to think and reflect, once in a while at least for occasional meanderers. To break the drudgery or monotony, I could go hitch-hiking, or pay heed to the “50% off sale written in block letters that shout out loud -SALE SALE SALE”…I guess that’s more like it! You can’t help but splurge. But that’s the anachronistic adventurer of today, displaced from an era and time that consumes much of you in your workaholic chores, yet detached to the extent of immediately accepting a ‘friend request’ even if that person qualifies as a mere acquaintance! So what, whoever said numbers aren’t important totally got it wrong!! After all, the number of friends on facebook on your ‘friends’ list counts!! One obviously doesn’t want even a soul to miss out on the funky/cool things one has been upto.

A true wanderer, a true traveller has an unquenchable thirst in him to explore and find himself as a result. No, you needn’t transverse the universe for it, it could simply be a 5 minute walk to the unexplored get-away next door – a temple of historical significance, an exhibition with truckloads of antiques, or even an adventure park for that matter. With busy, working professionals today, and less to no time for oneself, its all the more important to constantly seek for an adrenaline rush. This would pay heed to not only ourselves, but would do much good to our near and dear ones, in office and at home, who invariably tend to bear the brunt of our harsh comments or irritable selves. No, alcohol is not a fix as much as rediscovering oneself is. Once the human mind is tamed, alcohol or not – life rocks!! I raise a pint to that, and hope you do too. Cheers!