A man seated on a chair that swiveled and took him across boundaries to places he could only dream about. Of course, corporate life gave him that money but not enough time to go and actualize his dreams, and celebrate life. Alas, the best part of his job was the fact that his chair swiveled and occasionally took him on a wanderlust. And so he dreamt about the svelte colleague in office who greeted him with a smile everyday, but this was in his Lala land, he with the girl in the LBD, and high heels, spinning his world around. Like a roller coaster ride that goes peak high before it plunging deep into mysterious waters. It was her birthday, and there was wine and exotic Parmesan cheese and grapes and the greens to top it all! She blew the candles just like she had blown his mind away. Like a maple leaf that stretches a long distance before it falls onto the rusted pathway where a school-bus has entrenched its tyre-tube marks. Pinned to his memories were those days that gave him the highs. But the highs of his life were also his lows that brought him back to his daunting corporate reality each time-‘money but no time’.