Namaste folks! The turmoil of affairs and the happening chain of events over the past few weeks has ignited the ‘holy(i)’ spark in me to color my sacred thoughts around travel a little and take a run-through of what ‘The Nation Wants to Know’.
  • Drenched in platitude, Thy Holy Babas seem to have completely and wholly given themselves to the service of ‘mankind’ while Durga Shakti meekly smiles over them with pity, laying submissively in a heap of sandmine. Now law only permits her that much! can one disobey the law!!
  • Clicking pictures is a strict no-no, afterall embarking on a career like photo-journalism also has its repercussions these days. So unsafe, I tell you! In times like these, even sitting at home is also not fraught without risk, be watchful of open doors and windows.
  • The whole thing is that sabse bada rupayee. And so the wretched, crippled, poor cousin of $, our very dear  heeds the call of the tumbling times. Only i didn’t expect that, but then can beggars be choosers?
  • Alas, janta ne bhi no-kia. Enter Microsoft. A rather knotty affair, only no ‘strings’ attached. From ‘staying connected’ to a ‘A more beautiful promise’.
  • Besides, sinking submarines, crashed Pawan Hans choppers, wailing Uttarakhand are all used in common parlance now. Nothing as exciting and volatile as the Syria-America bombardments, why even bother!

I’m guessing you’d probably have a lot more to contribute and add to the ever growing, insatiable appetite that sure has enough room to make for more scandalous (err i meant sacrosanct, i swear!) sagas…feel free to use the comment box to post your feeds. Just as eager to hear you out, as I am to hear out our Pradhan Sevak. Good day! And yes of course, ई लव माय इंडिया।