Owing to my philosophical tendencies, I cannot help but transcend into this territory every once in a while! But of late, swarmed with thoughts about life, existence, the world, future and the like, I noticed the pattern of my thoughts and intrigued by where they led me, I choose to share them here, in the hope to make the larger point that drives the universe at large. In no way do I intend to preach a certain manner of behavior, yes that’s a disclaimer (c’mon we’re all lesser mortals, after all!)

The other day, right at the top of my news feed on facebook, I read a post calling for AB blood platelets for a person’s grandma in the hospital (rising dengue cases). This lady had shared her friend’s post asking for help. I looked at it once, thoughts like ‘This dengue is spreading like wild fire!’, ‘Oh no, the poor grandma!’, ‘Shit, I really wanna help, but dude, I’m in Gurgaon, how can I help someone in Delhi?’, crossed my mind, one after the other, but none too compelling that I drop my world of ‘convenience’ and step out and indeed, help. Why did it take me so much time to think in the wake of things that were pretty obvious! Would I have thought so much, God forbid, had it been for someone in my close vicinity of family and friends, no matter what the circumstances? What, then, led me to not muster the courage to offer help. More than anything else, I think it was simply the call of convenience, and not really wanting to give up on a tad bit of inconvenience to step outside the cocoon of my comforts and help a fellow human-being in need.

Of course,the guilt does not go away by simply writing a post and effortlessly passing on the buck to general human tendency. But, it sure does motivate me enough to share this with a lot many of you, who might encounter a similar situation, in some place, at some point in time in your lives (my guess is those situations arise pretty often, if not, daily), so that you don’t repeat a ‘me’ and pretend to be unaffected by it all. Because you know, just as I do, that we can run from the world, but we cannot, ever, run away from that god darn voice that screams deep down within us, and is invariably given the ‘shut-up call!’ (it’s called ‘conscience’ and yes, it’s a bitch but thank god, its there!-a reminder that we are alive and can feel things.)

Life is not all just about being happy with the big bucks & exorbitant lifestyles or elevated by the new Benz that one purchased(surely, that’s awesome, and reason to celebrate!) but real happiness is oft found in the smallest and kindest of acts that make up one’s daily existence. Life really is about sharing and caring for each other, much like things we do at home. What makes us act so indifferent outside of our homes? Why do we snap at the other person at the slightest of provocation?(I’d say of course the douche-bag deserves my wrath, he ‘provoked’ me!!!) A toast to all of that, but that’s all the more reason why you need to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. So, well then, I guess it’s time to give the cold-blooded indifference a knockout, be a lot more compassionate, and of course get rid of the douche-bag n snack on some munchies with your best bud (no, we do not bitch.) Peace ahoy!