Fault not thy stars,
Blame not thy gods,
Dust and Storms, winds and earth
Awash existence

Awaken the spirit
Tread the insanity
Let havoc loose
The abyss of thy ailing heart
Embrace, rise, awaken

For thy not the world,
Nor homes, men, or narrow bricked walls,
Fool not thy self,
Conversations, memories, love, emptiness

The warmth of grandma’s carefully kneaded cardigan
Thy cuddling embrace
The human spirit,
Unaware, and ignorant

Wading past days, weeks, months, years,
Besotted in oblivion,
A tainted ship awaits,
Silencing the rumble
Wiping out the known and the unknown, all the same
Horizons Widened

Drown out thy inner demons
For all that remains,
You against You
Thy lasting embrace

This post was originally written for WatStory