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April 2015

Ahmedabad art dance drama lights Mallika Sarabhai music Natrani Riverfront theatre

An evening at Natrani theatre: Kadak Badshahi

Giving a sneek peak into the culture of Ahmedabad is the Natrani theatre. It is the center-stage of performances by the Darpan Academy of Performing Arts – started by Vikram…

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chores life

One Life To LIVE!!!

Standing at the CrossroadsA new life beginning to unleashUnburdening the nostalgic choresOpportunities to grab in a tumultuous besiege. Flashing scenes aboundThe sound of immaculate characters resound.Stepping into this world unknown,With…

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explore gleaming hill station locations peaks Rajasthan retreat sights smells taste vacation

Mounting heights in Rajasthan : Mount Abu

A day to unwind from the daily chores and mostly, find respite from the scorching heat of Gujarat – Mount Abu to our rescue!! Rajasthan’s only hill station sits in…

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