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The Sound of Music

A loud sound and a clash of drums Melodious tunes that all hum, Telling a tale of time slipping like sand Performing artists – The Army Display Band. Singing Hymns…

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My latest tryst with Yoga

So here’s the thing about Yoga. No matter what you have heard all this while about people feeling a change in their lives post Yoga, you aren’t willing to believe…

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One Life To LIVE!!!

Standing at the CrossroadsA new life beginning to unleashUnburdening the nostalgic choresOpportunities to grab in a tumultuous besiege. Flashing scenes aboundThe sound of immaculate characters resound.Stepping into this world unknown,With…

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The anachronistic adventurer

Adventure doesn’t need a timeline, nor does routine! For everything else, there’s a plan. The anachronistic adventurer is the one who seeks, finds, discovers and explores. A decade or so…

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The man in the mirror

Owing to my philosophical tendencies, I cannot help but transcend into this territory every once in a while! But of late, swarmed with thoughts about life, existence, the world, future…

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Change Your Words!

So today I’m in a rather yappy mood and I use this space hence to rabble on (Yay, it’s free!!!)…So let’s make this fun! How many of us would rather not do something…

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The anomalies of existence

Had a bad/messed up day in office? Kill the boss, anyone? Friends acting funny? Or simply thinking hard why it all happened in the first place? Fret not! Seems like…

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