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Portugal 101: More than what meets the eye…

In case you are wondering about which country to pick for your next holiday, better yet, in Europe, think nothing beyond Portugal. This diverse country has a lot to offer…

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A Goa(n) adventure

Sun, sand and beaches have always been my go-to place for some perspective, breaking the daily monotony, and rediscovering self.  My three days in Goa were a retreat from the…

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My encounter with the King of the Jungle in the wild allures of Gir Forest

The sun hadn’t dawned bright, but it wasn’t dark. Early morning hours, four of us packed in our car set out for the much awaited road trip covering Saurashtra. The…

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10 things I learnt on my trip abroad that no book/guide can ever teach

1. That I can survive without a local SIM/data pack and still tour about 7 countries   Yes, this one’s for real in case you thought I was kidding. Might…

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Andamans-Yeh Dil Maange Moreee…

When all else fails, a vacation comes to your much needed rescue. And so we set out, with our bags packed, a travel itinerary ready and hopeful…of finding the divine…

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